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 Based in the Northern New Jersey/New York City area Lauren Tirpak is a freelance makeup artist with over 5 years of experience. Ever since she can remember, she has always loved art of all kinds. Having trained for most of her life in the fine arts and holding a BFA in Animation/Illustration from Montclair State University, Lauren has an eye for color, close attention to detail, and a creative mind that can create any look you can imagine.


Her passion for makeup stemmed from her experiences in dance and theater (as well as her lifelong love of playing dress up). While attending college Lauren took courses through the Bobbi Brown Studio and eventually applied to work for MAC Cosmetics where she has been freelancing for the company for nearly 3 years. In her experience with MAC she has worked at numerous counters and stores throughout New Jersey and has worked with clients of all kinds each with their own unique needs. She aims to promote self-confidence in each client and tries to bring out their own individual qualities and inner beauty.


Lauren's philosophy is that every face is a canvas and she aims to treat every client with the same care and attention that she would give to one of her paintings. Whether you want to be another character entirely or simply an enhanced version of yourself Lauren will use her skills to get you whatever look your heart desires. 





Tel: 973-897-4870

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